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Project Support Center for Architecture & Construction

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One Source for Design & Engineering Guidance.
Our guidance isn’t limited to one product type or another. Palram is the only manufacturer offering flat, corrugated, multi-wall, or complete panel systems in polycarbonate or PVC. Whether your project includes roofing, skylights, siding or cladding, we can offer architects, engineers, and contractors expert design assistance.

Over the past two decades, the Palram Project Support Center provided creative solutions in specifying, adapting and implementing our products into various architectural challenges around the globe. The team offers a bundle of professional services based on accumulated experience in medium and large scale projects; the team includes civil engineers, designers, technical consultants, plastics engineers and others.
Services for Planning Stages
- Quick matching of product specification per project
- Adapting plans while preserving the architect’s vision
- Creating specific plan details for Architects
- Professional consultation on planning meetings
- Expert advice on materials and engineering
- Creating conceptual structural designs
Services for Implementation Stages
- Creating specific installation guides per project
- On-site support at critical execution stages
- Background construction engineering supervision
- Conducting special seminars upon request

AIA CEU LogoResources & Additional Info:
Register for our free online accredited AIA CEU Course: Polycarbonate Roofing and Glazing Highlights
This course was developed together with Hanley Wood, a leading provider of content, information and resources for architects, engineers, and building professionals. The course features information about various types of polycarbonate glazing systems. 
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Learn how Palram products may help qualify for LEED® Credits
Watch this short video for an overview of areas for potential LEED® credits, and download our free guide titled: "Palram Products for Sustainable Building."

Download Our Project Portfolio
This PDF shows a brief overview of the wide variety of projects Palram Project Support Center has consulted on. This portfolio includes residential, commercial, industrial projects, as well as world renown stadiums and other architectural marvels. It's a great way to get a glimpse of our capabilities.
Download >>

Download Our Projects Book
This PDF eBook presents a much more in depth view of a variety of Palram projects, as well as additional details of Palram's involvement and the solutions that Palram brought to the projects. Architects and designers may be surprised by Palram's consulting expertise, creativity and ability to create innovative solutions.
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