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DIY Project Materials Calculator

The calculator below can be used to estimate the materials required for basic pergola structures. 

WIDTH: Distance from edge to edge of area to be covered with Palram corrugated panels. Measurement entered in calculator should be in "feet." (i.e., 10 or 10.5)

PROJECTION: Distance from the building being attached to and the outermost point of the roof.  

PITCH: This measurement indicates the slope of the roof. It is the distance between the high point of the roof and the low point of the roof, measured vertically against the wall of the structure.

NOTE: The calculator will estimate materials required for up to a 12' panel. Most DIY retailers do not stock panels longer than 12'.

Measurements Illustrated

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Note: Check your local building code requirements. Since Palram has no control of the use to which others may put this material, it does not guarantee the results.