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Interior shot of side lighting application

Natural daylight. One of the few
good things in life that’s still free.

A well-lit factory thrives. A warehouse that’s bright and full of light makes it easier to pick, pull, package and ship. And agricultural buildings and livestock shelters seem more in-tune with Mother Nature when you let all the sun’s goodness shine through.

SunSky logoSunSky™ corrugated polycarbonate is designed to match a variety of the most popular metal building profiles. Use it to add side lights, roof lights, or even cover an entire roof.


Sunlite logoSunlite® multi-wall polycarbonate is also available for side lighting applications.

Because the product is produced with one or more air spaces between the inner and outer surface, it offers greater energy efficiency than single layer products.

Talk to your architect, contractor or builder about adding more natural daylight to your building. It’s a bright idea that will pay for itself through energy savings.

Download our free white paper about natural daylighting.

 Daylighting White Paper Image Thumbnail

Daylighting applications photosgraphs