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Palram Outdoor Deck Brand Name Submission Form

Creating a brand name for Palram’s new outdoor decking product is a challenging process. Not only do we need to come up with a unique, memorable name, but the name must also be available for Palram to trademark legally (the latter is the much more challenging requirement, which often eliminates many good names from consideration).

Suggested Names Should Be:
  • Short – preferably 2 syllables, no more than 3
  • Memorable
  • Easy to say (rolls off the tongue)

Made Up, or With Meaning?
The names can be made up from letters that mean nothing (i.e., Azek, Trex, Exxon, Fubu), or they can have a meaning that is potentially tied to the product.

Description of Product
Palram internal code name: "Dada Deck"
You are considering potential names for an new synthetic outdoor decking product that meets and/or exceeds the very best performance characteristics of any synthetic decking product available today (i.e., composite, capped wood/plastic composite, PVC, etc.; Trex, Fiberon, Timbertech, Azek, etc.). The product’s surface features a photorealistic image of wood that is nearly indistinguishable from matching “real-wood” counterparts. Imagine something as real-looking as a printed hi-res photograph of a piece of real wood. While the product has an appearance nearly identical to wood, it is extremely durable, water-proof, impact & scratch resistant. The product will also feature “cool-color” technology. Heat build-up is a common problem for most deck or hardscape products, including most synthetic decks, concrete, and even lumber. During afternoon sun, heat build-up makes most decking or hardscape products uncomfortable, and perhaps even marginally dangerous, to touch or walk on.

What name ideas do you have?
Submit a list of as many names as you like. If you care to, also add a sentence that might help describe the rationale behind the suggestion, or perhaps a tagline you’ve thought of. All submissions become property of Palram, Ltd. and can be used without limitation. Also, please be aware that brand name preference is a very subjective thing. A list of potentially viable names will be chosen by a predetermined selection committee and submitted for legal and trademark review. If your name is the name that is ultimately selected, you will be paid $500. Please do not take any offense if your name is not selected. In many cases, even if we like it, it will not be available for trademark registration.

Want to see the names that have already been submitted?
To see the list of names that has already been submitted for consideration, click here.