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MetalMatch™ PC Technology

Custom-match virtually any metal profile, or select from the world's largest portfolio.

We'll create a corrugated polycarbonate profile to match virtually any metal profile.

For decades, Palram has been painstakingly matching existing corrugated metal profiles used by metal roll-formers around the globe.

SunSky corrugated polycarbonate is designed to match a variety of the most popular metal building profiles. Use it to add side lights, roof lights, or even cover an entire roof. But what if we don't have a SunSky profile to match your metal profile?

If we don't have it, we can probably make it. Fast.

MetalMatch™ LogoPalram and its customers benefit from proprietary MetalMatch™ Technology, which allows for rapid matching of existing corrugated metal profiles, yet reduces order minimums to levels that make it attractive for metal roll-forming companies to offer matching SunSky® polycarbonate panels for all their products. This allows them to capitalize on the growing interest in natural daylighting.

You say Tomato. I say Tomato.
SunSky vs. Suntuf LogoThroughout North America, Palram Americas markets its professional-grade polycarbonate profiles under the brand "SunSky." Do-It-Yourself oriented products are marketed under the brand "Suntuf." However, throughout the rest of the world, all of Palram's PC profiles are marketed as "Suntuf," and professional-grade Suntuf is known as "Suntuf Pro."

Be aware that Palram's current profile catalog refers to "SunSky" as "Suntuf,"
but don't be confused. They are the same products.

SunSky Profile Catalog ThumbnailFeel free to download our most recent published Suntuf/SunSky Profile Catalog. Contact us if you need assistance, or if you don't see the profile you're looking for. New profiles are being created regularly and may not have been added to the catalog yet.


Main Benefits
  • Match virtually any corrugated metal profile
  • Ensure better lapping and sealing along all edges
  • No special flashing or curbs required
  • Light weight and easy to install
  • Extremely durable and UV protected
  • Can handle extreme climates
  • (-40°F to 270°F)
  • Retains optical clarity far better than any other glazing material
  • Virtually unbreakable
  • Available in multiple tints and light transmissions
Typical Applications
  • Skylights for corrugated metal roofs
  • Sidelights
  • Roofing
Other InformationContact us at (800) 999-9459 and we'll do our best to pair up your profile with one of our existing profiles. Or, visit this page and fill out the form on the bottom of the page and we'll contact you.
How should I store packed sheets?
Store in a protected, shaded, ventilated site, with no direct exposure to sunlight and winds. In outdoor temporary storage cover with opaque protective film, and avoid PVC films and heat-absorbing materials. Please note: Surface protective films that cover sheets are highly sensitive to heat and direct sunlight. Excessive heat and direct sunlight before taking off the film can cause that film to bond the sheet surface, after which it will not be practically possible to remove it from the sheet!