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Corrugated System Accessories for DIY Users

Palram corrugated products are designed as a system—proper use of the complete system (panels, closure strips, fasteners, etc.) greatly reduces the possibility of problems and also helps ensure that the product warranty will be honored.

These products are available at retailers and online, including
The accessories on this page are available online at a variety of retailers, including To shop for these products at, click on the appropriate button below based on your preferred corrugated product. You may also use our dealer locator to check availability at a retailer near you.

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Thumbnail Image of Screw and Fastener CalculatorAn Easier Way to Calculate Required Panels, Fasteners, and Closures
We've tried to make it easier to estimate how many screws and closures you'll need to install our various corrugated sheet products. Read the instructions and fill in few fields with the appropriate dimensions and the result will be calculated for you. Click to Try It!

Matching Flashings for Suntuf® and Suntop® Panels
(Flashing accessories not available for Palruf® or Sun N’ Rain.®) 
Suntuf Ridge Cap
Ridge Cap
Suntuf Wall Connector
Wall Connector
Suntuf Side Ridge
Side Ridge

Closure Strips for Suntuf®, Suntop®, Palruf® and Sun 'N Rain® Panels

Sun 'N Rain Horizontal Closure Strip
Sun 'N Rain
Suntuf & Suntop Horizontal Closure Strip
Palruf & Suntop
Suntuf Horizontal Closure Strip
Universal Vertical Closure Strip
Universal Vertical
Closure Strip

EPDM Washered Fasteners for Suntuf, SunTop, and Palruf/Sun N’ Rain Panels

Metaltite Screws
Metaltite for
fastening to metal

Woodtite for
fastening to wood

Available Corrugated Panel Accessories