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ThermaGlas™ Opaque

Multiwall Polycarbonate for Light Deprivation Applications

Palram’s ThermaGlas Opaque product is a 100% opaque multiwall panel engineered for crops or species requiring complete light deprivation, or for applications requiring security against visibility from outside the structure. This lightweight, easy-to-install, insulated panel can be used in a wide range of temperatures. With a highly reflective outer skin and a black core, ThermaGlas Opaque ensures 0% light transmission, yet allows for high reflectance for interior lighting when desired. Its multiwall structure offers insulation to help maintain consistent temperatures inside the structure. ThermaGlas Opaque is a durable solution for specialty greenhouses, storage areas and more.

Main Benefits
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Impact resistant
  • Light weight - Easy to handle
  • UV co-extruded on both sides
  • Low flammability
  • Easy to work with and install using ordinary tools
  • Rigid, yet capable of cold-forming to an arch
  • Wide service temperature range (-40°F - 212°F)
  • White interior to reflect interior lighting which optimizes indoor growing efficiency
  • Black interior channels help ensure 0% light transmission
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Available 72" widths. Other widths are available upon request with minimum order requirements.
Typical ApplicationsSides and End walls for:
  • Commercial greenhouses
  • Aquaculture applications
  • Packing and holding areas
Other Information
Why can't I just nail the panels into place?
There are a couple of problems with nailing Palram panels. First, there is significant possibility for impact damage to the panel in the area of the attachment. Second, nailing the panels in place prevents them from safely expanding and contracting with temperature change, resulting in warping of the product. Please be sure to read the installation instructions available on each product's document page on this website.
Do Palram products keep the "heat" out?
Palram products are available in a variety of colors (varies by product), each with its own heat and light transmission properties. While all Palram panels block virtually 100% of harmful UV radiation, there are variations in heat and light transmission.

Clear panels allow most solar light and heat through while lighter, opaque colors are more reflective. If excessive heat buildup is a concern, our "Solar Control" panels are you're best bet. Please see each product page for more information on color offerings, light transmission percentages and warranty terms.
How long do the panels last?
Palram manufactures a variety of different products for different applications. Most have industry-leading warranties against manufacture-related defects, as well as specific warranties related to the intended use for the product. However, with proper installation and maintenance, we expect our products to far exceed the warranty periods.

Many of our products are engineered to be installed outdoors and are warranted accordingly. Nevertheless, the lifespan of outdoor products can be affected by how well they were installed, as well as environmental factors like air pollution, winds, and erosion by sand particles.

Warranty details can be found in the Downloads tab under the Warranties section at the bottom of the page for each individual product.