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PVC Interlocking Multiwall Panel

Duraclad™ interlocking wall and ceiling liner panels feature a multiwall structure that results in a high level of rigidity and strength, and allows for rapid installation. Interlocking tongue & groove edges allow fasteners to be completely hidden, resulting in a clean, smooth finish. Use it for interior cladding for all types of structures.

Duraclad PVC Interlocking Panel logoDuraclad’s resistance to chemicals allows for frequent cleaning and sanitary maintenance, as well as extended service in harsh chemical environments. From hog barns to dairy sheds, from poultry houses to wineries and more, Duraclad holds up where other products won’t.


Utility and versatility never looked so good.

Duraclad PVC Interlocking Liner Panels are smooth and hygienic, and are easy to clean and maintain. And they can handle abuse in tough environments. Designed for a variety of ceiling and wall applications, you can’t find a more handsome solution.

Product Highlights

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Duraclad PVC wall and ceiling panelling is made in the USA and is the perfect alternative to:
  • Painted drywall
  • Plasterboard
  • Lightweight PVC siding
  • Plywood
  • Tiled concrete
  • Stainless steel paneling
Made in the USA logo


Main Benefits
  • Rapid tongue and groove installation
  • Fasteners are completely hidden
  • Surface is easy to clean/sanitize
  • Water resistant, rust-proof
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Resists emitted gasses in animal breeding areas
  • Excellent light reflectance
  • Attractive high-gloss white finish
  • Non-flammable
  • Class A fire rated
Typical Applications
  • Dairy, Hog, and Poultry Farms
  • Fisheries
  • Factories & Industrial Buildings
  • Barns
  • Food Processing, Meat Packing
  • Chemical Processing Plants
  • Laboratories
  • Car & Truck Washes
  • Salt Storage
  • Fertilizer Storage
  • Workshops
  • Kennels
  • Marinas
  • Refrigerated Warehouses
  • Laundromats
  • Indoor Grow Operations
Other Information
Duraclad sales sheet thumbnail image
Stay informed and download a detailed sales sheet with panel dimensions, code compliance info, and accessory availability (instant download).
How long do the panels last?
Palram manufactures a variety of different products for different applications. Most have industry-leading warranties against manufacture-related defects, as well as specific warranties related to the intended use for the product. However, with proper installation and maintenance, we expect our products to far exceed the warranty periods.

Many of our products are engineered to be installed outdoors and are warranted accordingly. Nevertheless, the lifespan of outdoor products can be affected by how well they were installed, as well as environmental factors like air pollution, winds, and erosion by sand particles.

Warranty details can be found in the Downloads tab under the Warranties section at the bottom of the page for each individual product.
How should I store packed sheets?
Store in a protected, shaded, ventilated site, with no direct exposure to sunlight and winds. In outdoor temporary storage cover with opaque protective film, and avoid PVC films and heat-absorbing materials. Please note: Surface protective films that cover sheets are highly sensitive to heat and direct sunlight. Excessive heat and direct sunlight before taking off the film can cause that film to bond the sheet surface, after which it will not be practically possible to remove it from the sheet!
Can I recycle my old polycarbonate or PVC panels?
Palram's Polycarbonate and PVC sheet products are recyclable. Many cities and towns have recycling programs that include curbside pick-up. If so, Polycarbonate products such as SUNTUF, SUNLITE, PALSUN, DYNAGLAS, or THERMAGLAS should be marked "Plastic #7" prior to recycling. PVC products such as PALRUF, AG-TUF, PALOPAQUE, PALCLEAR, or PALIGHT, should be marked "Plastic #3".

If local recycling is not available, other resources are available:
For PVC products, visit the Vinyl Institute's Recycling Provider Database:
For polycarbonate products, visit The Association of Post Consumer Plastic Recyclers site and download their materials buyers and seller's list:
What is a neutral cure silicone?
A neutral cure silicone is a sealant which releases alcohol or another non-acidic substance whilst curing. This sealant has virtually no or has completely no odour.

Other typical silicone sealants include acetoxy silicone. An acetoxy silicone is a sealant which releases acetic acid whilst curing. This sealant is commonly recognised by its strong vinegar-like smell.

What is the difference between acetoxy and neutral cure silicone?
As acetoxy cure silicones release acetic acid whilst curing they can cause problems when used on certain substrates. When used on natural stone they can cause discolouration, when used on certain metals they can cause corrosion and on bituminous surfaces they can cause "bleeding" of the bitumen. So when applying sealant to sensitive surfaces we would always recommend using a neutral cure silicone over a acetoxy silicone as they will not react. Generally acetoxy silicones are used for kitchens, bathrooms and other internal sealing applications as they are more cost effective and faster curing than their neutral curing counterparts. Whereas neutral cure silicones have better adhesion and weatherproofing properties compared to acetoxy silicones making them the superior option for external applications.
Duraclad used to line the interior walls of a commercial building.
Duraclad used to line the interior walls of a commercial buidling.