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Flat Foamed PVC for Digital Print Applications

PALIGHT® Premium is a versatile, flexible, lightweight and durable foamed PVC sheet that is ideal for use in advertising and construction. PALIGHT Premium exhibits the whitest color available and was successfully tested by a majority of digital flatbed printer manufacturers, such as HP/Scitex, Canon/OcéMutohAgfa, Efi Vutek, and more.

Printers and advertisers may benefit from its constantly smooth and bright surface for producing high quality displays. PALIGHT Premium is easily handled, cut and fabricated using conventional tools and equipment, and can be printed, painted or laminated.

Palight Premium Woodgrain ImageNow Available with Woodgrain Surface

Palight Premium is now available with and embossed Woodgrain surface, allowing you to add more dimension and character to your signs & displays for indoor applications. Palight Premium Woodgrain is available in 3mm or 6mm thicknesse in 4'x8' sheets. For thicker sheet with Woodgrain finish, consider using Palight Outdoor.

Click on the Photo Gallery tab below to see an enlarged view of the image at right.

Main Benefits
  • Optimally designed for digital printing
  • Bright white, smooth and uniform surface
  • Available in a wide range of standard and special designer colors
  • Standard matt or gloss finishes
  • Good insulation, lower heat transmission
  • Non-toxic
  • Flammability: self- extinguishing
  • Easily worked with conventional tools, prints and paints
  • Easily bonded, formed, nailed and bolted
  • Low water absorption
  • High chemical resistance
Typical Applications
  • Advertising—Signs, displays and exhibition boards, etc.
  • Fabrication—Models, partitions, wall cladding, interior decoration, air conditioning ducts, etc.
  • Industry—Control cabinets and panels, structures for corrosive environments, ducts, etc.
  • Screen Printing
  • Digital Printing
Other InformationPalight Premium is available through a variety of sign supply distributors and industrial plastics distributors throughout North America. Ask your favorite supplier for Palight Premium, or contact Palram Americas at 800-999-9459 for a dealer near you.
How long do the panels last?
Palram manufactures a variety of different products for different applications. Most have industry-leading warranties against manufacture-related defects, as well as specific warranties related to the intended use for the product. However, with proper installation and maintenance, we expect our products to far exceed the warranty periods.

Many of our products are engineered to be installed outdoors and are warranted accordingly. Nevertheless, the lifespan of outdoor products can be affected by how well they were installed, as well as environmental factors like air pollution, winds, and erosion by sand particles.

Warranty details can be found in the Downloads tab under the Warranties section at the bottom of the page for each individual product.
My building inspector says I need to know your flame spread rating. Can you provide this information?
Yes. We can provide test reports and other such documents. Please contact your Palram Dealer if you require these data, or Contact Us. This is technical data and is not to be considered a warranty.
How should I store packed sheets?
Store in a protected, shaded, ventilated site, with no direct exposure to sunlight and winds. In outdoor temporary storage cover with opaque protective film, and avoid PVC films and heat-absorbing materials. Please note: Surface protective films that cover sheets are highly sensitive to heat and direct sunlight. Excessive heat and direct sunlight before taking off the film can cause that film to bond the sheet surface, after which it will not be practically possible to remove it from the sheet!
Why are there polyethylene films on certain sheets and should I peel it off?
The surface films in certain sheets, like Sunlite and Palsun sheets, are needed for protection against dirt and scratching, and also used to carry important information to the installer and final customer. The indication of the UV protected side that should be installed facing outwards is extremely important.It is recommended to peel off the protective films only after installation. In case this will not be feasible and the film will be peeled off before laying the sheets, it must be remembered to at least mark the UV protected surface, so that the sheet will not be installed inside out.

Note: wrong installation damages are not covered by Palram.Please also note: Surface protective films that cover sheets are highly sensitive to heat and direct sunlight. Excessive heat and direct sunlight before taking off the film can cause gluing of that film to the sheet surface, after which it will not be practically possible to remove it from the sheet!
Can the sheets be curved?
Yes. Sheets can be cold-curved and serve in arched shapes, provided the relevant Palram specifications for minimum radius in cold curving are followed. These specifications can be found in the Installation Instructions of the relevant sheets.

Solid sheets can be cold-curved in any direction.

Corrugated sheets can be arched so that the corrugations themselves are curved (lengthwise).

Multi-wall sheets can be arched so that the actual ribs will be curved (lengthwise).

Curving is not recommended across the ribs direction.
If polycarbonate sheets block UV radiation, why is there a ‘UV side’ to face outwards?
Polycarbonate (PC) inherently blocks UV radiation by absorbing it and not allowing it to pass through the panel. However, the absorption of UV also degrades polycarbonate, therefore, the sheet(s) has to be protected against UV radiation. Most Palram PC products feature a very thin co-extruded layer of UV-resistant PC resins that protect the entire sheet from UV radiation. In most cases, UV protection is applied to one side, however, two-sided UV protection is available for select products. 

In order to ensure the protection of single-sides UV protected sheets, they must be installed with the marked UV protective layer facing out toward the sun. Although sheet products can also be UV protected on both sides, most of the sheets are protected on one side that is marked clearly.
Can I recycle my old polycarbonate or PVC panels?
Palram's Polycarbonate and PVC sheet products are recyclable. Many cities and towns have recycling programs that include curbside pick-up. If so, Polycarbonate products such as SUNTUF, SUNLITE, PALSUN, DYNAGLAS, or THERMAGLAS should be marked "Plastic #7" prior to recycling. PVC products such as PALRUF, AG-TUF, PALOPAQUE, PALCLEAR, or PALIGHT, should be marked "Plastic #3".

If local recycling is not available, other resources are available:
For PVC products, visit the Vinyl Institute's Recycling Provider Database:
For polycarbonate products, visit The Association of Post Consumer Plastic Recyclers site and download their materials buyers and seller's list:
Palite printed on Inca Digital Flatbed Printer
Palight printed on digital flatbed printer.
Palight used to fabricate sign for 1998 World Cup in France.
Palight used to fabricate sign for 1998 World Cup in France.
Palight used to construct a trade show exhibit.
Automotive promotional display
Palight sign
Palight used for signage at 1998 World Cup in France
Palight used for transit mall signage