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Palram Unveils Containment and Bullet Resistant Glazing

November 3, 2011

Palram Americas, a leading manufacturer of polycarbonate and PVC sheets, has unveiled the PALSHIELD product line of containment and bullet resistant polycarbonate glazing.  PALSHIELD is engineered to meet various levels of ballistics and forced entry test standards. Its layered structure and no spall design will withstand both physical attack and multi-shot assault while the abrasion resistant coating ensures long-term clarity. PALSHIELD is also nearly half the weight of the glass equivalent products.
“Palshield is among the best containment grade and bullet resistant products that I have seen in my10 plus years in the security laminate industry,” stated Tim Cronrath, Palram’s Product Manager. “Performance test results for Palshield give us great confidence that Palshield will be a strong competitor to other products currently available in the marketplace.”
PALSHIELD includes a 7 year limited warranty against structural delamination, coating failure, loss of abrasion resistance, yellowing and loss of light transmittance.
PALSHIELD may be used as security glazing in banks, convenience stores, prisons, government facilities, ticket booths, kiosks, and much more.
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