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Palram Announces PALSUN® Masking Update

February 17th, 2015

Palram Americas, a leading manufacturer of polycarbonate and PVC sheets, has announced a new masking standard for its family of PALSUN® products. This new masking will feature universal text and graphic images that will be applied to all Palram’s flat PC products. The text will be shown in 4 languages and the repeat pattern will provide full-coverage across any size sheet. To easily designate each “series” or type of Palsun PC, a secondary color-coded strip label will be applied. Blue strip labels designate PALSUN Basic (general purpose PC); red strip labels designate PALSUN UV Series products, which include both UV1 and UV2 sheets; and a green strip label designates Palsun Specialty Sheet Series, which includes PALSUN Optical Grade, Palgard, Palshield, or special application products.
This new masking allows customers to easily differentiate between the PALSUN family of products, while also offering excellent basic handling and storage information that applies to all PC products. Both the masking and the strip labels also include web URLs where users can easily download additional installation and/or technical documents.
“Our goal was to create a cohesive look that is consistent with our global brand, while also making it easier for our customers to identify, store, handle and use our products. I feel strongly that we’ve achieved that,” stated Tim Cronrath, Flat Sheet Business Unit Manager at Palram Americas. “Our new PE branding initiative improves upon industry standards and benefits distributors and end users alike.”
The PALSUN Family of products has started shipping with the new masking recently. Please note that PALSUN CS (Coil Stock) and PALSUN TF (Thermoform) will retain their original masking due to their respective specialized applications.
Please visit the PALSUN page for more information.