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Palram Announces PALGARD™ Security Glazing

February 23, 2011

Palram Americas is pleased to announce that Palgard™, a monolithic UV and abrasion resistant polycarbonate sheet, conforms to new forced entry standards of ASTM F1915-05 Security Glazing.
“Having our monolithic sheets tested to an industry recognized standard such as ASTM F1915-05 is just the first step of many new products Palram intends to offer within the security glazing segment,” says Tim Cronrath, Product Manager. 
Lightweight and highly durable, Palgard excels in resisting physical attack, vandalism, and graffiti; and provides up to 90% light transmission.
Palgard is available in various thicknesses, ranging from .040” ” to .500”. Specifically, the 3/8” Palgard meets the ASTM F1915-05 level 4 requirements, while the 1/2” Palgard exceeded the minimum requirements for ASTM F1915-05 level 3. For more information on the ASTM standards, click here to visit the ASTM website.
Palgard may be used for security glazing applications in prisons, transaction windows, kiosks, convenience stores and other areas where security is a concern. To learn more, please visit