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Palram Announces New & Improved Expanding Foam Tape

July 11, 2011

Palram Americas, a leading manufacturer of polycarbonate and PVC sheets, has announced the availability of new and improved expanding foam tape, which is used as joint filler in joints that are subject to movement from thermal expansion and contraction, such as those between metal panels and polycarbonate panels. Palram has partnered with Emseal to offer AST Hi-Acrylic expanding foam tape. The new rolls are 32.8 ft in length, nearly twice the length of the previous offering, and are more durable. The product is available in individual rolls, or in a 32-roll case. AST 
Hi-Acrylic expanding foam tape is compatible with all Palram polycarbonate products.
“Palram is pleased to offer a higher quality expanding foam tape for our customers,” stated John Biehl, Pro Market Manager. “This expanding foam tape will not dry out and become hard or brittle, and will not extrude from between joints when squeezed, which is a possibility with caulk or butyl-type tapes. The seals are UV-stable and highly resistant to aging and vermin. “
AST Hi-Acrylicis a self-adhering tape seal made from resilient, open-cell polyurethane foam impregnated with a water-based acrylic modified asphalt emulsion, which is compressed and shipped in reels. Upon installation, the compression strain-energy stored in the rolls exerts continuous backpressure against surfaces being sealed. This pressure, combined with the adhesive nature of the impregnation, assures reliable adhesion to both upper and lower surfaces. As the sealed components contract and expand with seasonal temperature changes, long-term sealing contact with the joint surfaces is maintained.