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Palram Announces Additional Sunsky® Profiles

February 15, 2011

Sunsky 2.67 SP, Sunsky 2.67 LP, Sunsky 5V, Sunsky 7.2 ProfilesPalram Americas is pleased to announce the addition of four new polycarbonate profiles. All the new profiles match traditional profiles produced by metal manufacturers and are 25% thicker (1mm) than standard polycarbonate panels. The new products include Sunsky 2.67 SP, Sunsky 2.67 LP, Sunsky 5V, and Sunsky 7.2. These profiles are used in various daylighting solutions including; skylights, sidelights, and roofing either in conjunction with metal materials or alone.
These profiles, previously available in only metal or fiberglass, will expand the possibilities for use in interior and exterior applications, including daylighting options. Unlike fiberglass, polycarbonate will not “bloom” or crack, it will not yellow, and it is extremely durable (hail and impact resistant). All Sunsky profiles exhibit superior UV resistance with the UV inhibitors coextruded into the product. Polycarbonate is the preferred daylighting option for use with metal roof and wall panels.
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