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Plácido Castilo Stadium's halo. Made with Suntuf Pro.

Palram's Project Support Team provided the solution to the architectural team.

Placido Castilo Stadium

Aerial Image of Placido Castilo StadiumPALRAM qualified for its second consecutive World Cup games, this time covering the “Plácido Castelo” stadium with SUNTUF® PRO 2mm thick roofing. The “Plácido Castelo” Stadium in Fortaleza, Brazil is popularly known as “Castelão,” part of a local tradition to nickname popular stadiums. Owned by the Brazilian government and inaugurated in 1973, the stadium was revamped for the 2014 World Cup. 

"The Palram Project Support Team was given the task of providing an architectural solution for the roof skylight. The proposal implemented was a 7,000 sqm transparent front edge roofing specially designed to allow natural daylight the uppermost portion of the roof." said Mr. Tal Furman, Palram Chief Engineer. 

The solution provided by PALRAM is based on a continuing worldwide stadium roofing trend using SUNTUF® PRO transparent corrugated polycarbonate sheets, as a leading edge covering and providing an attractive cost-effective, watertight solution. 

For the Castelão stadium roof, PALRAM specified 9m single length SUNTUF® PRO corrugated polycarbonate sheets, that cover the entire roof length, thus ensuring long term transparency for the skylight and reduced risk for leakage. 

The Arena Castelão will host 6 World Cup matches, including a first round match between Brazil and Mexico and one of the quarter-finals. It was the first Brazilian Stadium to obtain the LEED “Green” certification. Since its re-inauguration, the Arena Castelão has hosted more than 50 matches of the local league and of the Brazil Cup. The stadium also hosted matches of the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup and international-class concerts from artists like Paul McCartney and Beyoncé. 

As part of PALRAM'S preparation for the World Cup, a polycarbonate roofing solutions professional seminar was held in front of Brazil's top architects, engineers and construction professionals by Mr. Michel Allouch, Palram V.P. Marketing and development. As a result of this seminar, the same solution was implemented by PALRAM project team as well at the new Palmeiras Stadium in São Paulo, although this stadium is not hosting the world cup games. 

For more than 50 years, PALRAM has been a global leader in manufacturing extruded thermoplastic sheets, offering an extensive product line for consumer, architectural, construction, sign & display, and agricultural applications. 

Palram Suntuf Pro LogoPALRAM Projects/Architectural Contact: 

Mr. Tal Furman
Palram Chief Engineer 

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Note: Suntuf Pro is also sold as SunSky® in North America.

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