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Palram Americas, Inc. is based in Kutztown, PA, USA, and is a subsidiary of Palram Industries Ltd., a leading global manufacturer of semi-finished extruded thermoplastic sheets, panel systems and finished products. Palram was founded in 1963. 

Palram sheets, manufactured mainly from Polycarbonate and PVC, are designed to suit a diverse range of applications in various markets, which include DIY, construction, architectural projects, advertising, agricultural, glazing, and fabrication.

Palram panel systems are offered as part of the company's advanced products and services bundle for the construction and architectural markets. A variety of finished-products are marketed through DIY chain stores across the globe.

Palram is a public company since 1994. In 1998 Palram established a strategic partnership with Bayer AG, which holds a 25% share ownership in the Palram subsidiary "Paltough Industries (1998) LTD".

Mission Statement
  • Strive to meet our customers’ needs while maintaining our agility as a key differentiating factor.
  • Provide our customers with competitive products that deliver quality and value.
  • Develop global operations and resources to meet our strategic goals.
  • Foster and encourage innovation and creativity in our products, and in our day-to-day operations among employees.
  • Deliver excellence to a global marketplace, while offering professional support and service on a local and regional level.
  • Act with honesty and integrity in all our dealings.
  • Encourage commitment and accountability by all staff, at all levels.
  • Maintain our unique corporate culture: always having the courage to think outside the box, and to have a “can-do” attitude to simply make things happen.

Palram's focus on production technology and product innovation has created a continual product and plant development culture. As Palram grows larger it continues to respond to the specific requirements of our worldwide customers, which have helped achieve many advancements in the past thanks to our close working relationships with them.

Production and Quality Assurance
  • Establish new production plants and expand existing production sites.
  • Utilizing the potential of the SAP ERP system to strengthen coordination among plants and marketing offices and to improve control of operations.
  • Maintaining Palram's dedication to the highest internationally recognized quality standards.
  • All Palram plants have achieved accreditation to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance.

Research and Development
  • Creating unique, high performance products.
  • Continued development and expansion of existing product lines.
  • Maintaining Palram’s leadership in adapting existing products to meet the demands of an ever growing and evolving market.

Environmental Safety and Health
  • Palram products do not contain heavy metals and meet RoHS criteria.
  • Adopt progressive criteria on the issue of health & safety and to take part in the national and global effort to conserve the environment.
  • Function in all its pursuits in order to remove or minimize the safety and environmental hazards for its employees, contractors,customers and the general public.

Photo of Palram Americas.