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You just found the largest selection of corrugated polycarbonate profiles in the world.

For decades, Palram has been painstakingly matching existing corrugated metal profiles used by metal roll-formers around the globe.

SunSky corrugated polycarbonate is designed to match a variety of the most popular metal building profiles. Use it to add side lights, roof lights, or even cover an entire roof.

If we don't have it, we can probably make it. Fast.

MetalMatch Logo These days, Palram and its customers benefit from proprietary MetalMatch™ Technology, which allows for rapid matching of existing corrugated metal profiles, yet reduces order minimums to levels that make it attractive for metal roll-forming companies to offer matching SunSky® polycarbonate panels for all their products. This allows them to capitalize on the growing interest in natural daylighting.

SunSky vs Suntuf LogoThroughout North America, Palram markets its industrial polycarbonate profiles under the brand "SunSky;" while Do-It-Yourself oriented products are marketed under the brand "Suntuf."

However, throughout the rest of the world, all of Palram's PC profiles are marketed as "Suntuf."

Be aware that Palram's current profile catalog refers to "SunSky" as "Suntuf," but don't be confused. They are the same products.

Feel free to download our most recent published catalog by clicking on the link below. Contact us if you need assistance, or if you don't see the profile you're looking for. New profiles are being created regularly and may not have been added to the catalog yet.

Download the catalog in PDF format.

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