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Corrugated Foamed Polycarbonate Sheet

SUNTOP corrugated roofing panels are a unique Palram product based on an in-house technological breakthrough that yields a foamed, low-density polycarbonate corrugated roofing and siding panel. SUNTOP combines rigidity, impact resistance and lightweight, with a service temperature range beyond any environmental yearly temperature range.

By using as much as 100% recycled content during manufacturing, SUNTOP is considered part of Palram’s Ecolite™ family of products.
  • Excellent performance when light transmission is not a requirement
  • Rich colors
  • 100% Recyclable
Video: Corrugated Products Installation OverviewWatch our DIY Corrugated Products
Installation Overview Video

Available Dimensions:
Net Width Coverage Actual Width x Length
24" 26" x 8' 26" x 12'

Available Colors:
Castle Gray Thumbnail   Sedona Brick Thumbnail    Rain Forest Green Thumbnail   


A Complete Line of Accessories is Available
Avail. AccessoriesWhether you need fasteners or closure strips, you'll likely
find it in our collection of accessories for our corrugated products.

Get more details, and info about buying accessories online.

Thumbnail Image of Screw and Fastener CalculatorAn Easier Way to Calculate Required Panels, Fasteners and Closures
We've tried to make it a easier to estimate how many screws and closures you'll need to install our various corrugated sheet products. Read the instructions and fill in few fields with the appropriate dimensions and the result will be calculated for you. Click to Try It!

Canadian National Building Code Compliance
CCMC Evaluation Report 13450-R SUNTOP is the first corrugated polycarbonate sheet to receive a CCMC Evaluation Report indicating that the product is compliant with Canada's National Building Code (NBC) for Canopy Applications. The CCMC Report #13450-R helps to streamline the permitting process for Canadian contractors and homeowners. For a complete list of Palram's CCMC-approved products, and more details about CCMC, click here.

Main Benefits
  • Impact and UV resistant
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Rust free
  • Enables curved roofing (cold bending)
  • Bright and long-life colors
  • Wide service temperature range
  • Good thermal insulation
  • Environmentally friendly material
Typical Applications
  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY)
  • Pergolas
  • Canopies
  • Sheds
  • Warehouses
  • Outbuildings
Other InformationHome Depot LogoAvailable at select Home Depot stores and other independent home improvement centers.
Do I really need to buy Palram's recommended closure strips and screws?
In order to ensure long-term warranty coverage, it is highly recommended to use Palram-approved fasteners and accessories. Palram corrugated products, fasteners and accessories should be thought of as a system meant to provide the best possible installation. Proper use of the complete system (panels, closure strips, fasteners, etc.) greatly reduces the possibility of problems and insures that product warranty will be honored. Please see the installation instructions for the specific product for details.
Why can't I just nail the panels into place?
There are a couple of problems with nailing Palram panels. First, there is significant possibility for impact damage to the panel in the area of the attachment. Second, nailing the panels in place prevents them from safely expanding and contracting with temperature change, resulting in warping of the product. Please be sure to read the installation instructions available on each product's document page on this website.
Why do I have to predrill fastener holes?
Predrilling the holes insures the panels will have room to expand and contract properly with temperature change. Skipping this step can lead to distorted or warped panels. Please be sure to read the installation instructions located on the specific product's document page.
How do I cut these panels?
Corrugated and Multi-wall panels may be cut with a circular saw (using a very fine-toothed blade for plastic panels, veneer, or plywood). For best results, it is often better to cut a few corrugated panels at a time to reduce vibration; clamping the panels also helps. Also, if using a standard circular saw blade, better results may be seen by running the blade backwards (turn it over to reverse direction). Panels may also be cut by hand by carefully using tin snips or a utility knife. For other cutting instructions and further details, please visit each product's document page. You can also view our general Corrugated Products Installation Overview video.
What are purlins and closure strips?
Purlins are cross members, or horizontal supporting members, running across the rafters of your structure. Suntuf, Palruf, Sun 'N Rain, and Suntop panels are fastened to purlins. Closure strips match the corrugation pattern of the panels and are attached to the purlins. Closure strips can be made of wood, foam, or plastic. Please see each product's document page for complete installation information.
Do Palram products keep the "heat" out?
Palram products are available in a variety of colors (varies by product), each with its own heat and light transmission properties. While all Palram panels block virtually 100% of harmful UV radiation, there are variations in heat and light transmission.

Clear panels allow most solar light and heat through while lighter, opaque colors are more reflective. If excessive heat buildup is a concern, our "Solar Control" panels are you're best bet. Please see each product page for more information on color offerings, light transmission percentages and warranty terms.
How long do the panels last?
Palram manufactures a variety of different products for different applications. Most have industry-leading warranties against manufacture-related defects, as well as specific warranties related to the intended use for the product. However, with proper installation and maintenance, we expect our products to far exceed the warranty periods.

Many of our products are engineered to be installed outdoors and are warranted accordingly. Nevertheless, the lifespan of outdoor products can be affected by how well they were installed, as well as environmental factors like air pollution, winds, and erosion by sand particles.

Warranty details can be found in the Downloads tab under the Warranties section at the bottom of the page for each individual product.
Is there a paint that is appropriate for polycarbonate?
Unfortunately we can’t recommend painting our panels. While polycarbonate is a very resilient material, it is potentially sensitive to chemicals contained in many exterior paints. While we can test a paint for compatibility, we have no way of controlling whether a paint manufacturer will remain consistent with their formulas over time.
What should I use to clean my panels?
Warm water with a mild household detergent should be sufficient to clean Suntuf or Sunlite panels. Wipe off any remained dirt with a soft cloth and wash again. NEVER use a solvent based cleaner (ammonia, etc.). AVOID using sponges or brushes that can scratch the panels surface.
My building inspector says I need to know your flame spread rating. Can you provide this information?
Yes. We can provide test reports and other such documents. Please contact your Palram Dealer if you require these data, or Contact Us. This is technical data and is not to be considered a warranty.
Do Palram accessories come in all of the same colors the panels do?
No. Palram accessories are available in some standard colors, and they may need to be specially ordered depending on your retailer.
In roofing with corrugated panels, where should I start?
You can choose to install left to right, or right to left, or start at the middle and continue to both sides. It is recommended to always advance against the dominant wind at the site. Never start at both sides, or at any two separate points.
In roofing with corrugated panels, should I insert screws at the corrugation valley or crest points?
Crest fastening is always be preferred, but some corrugated product require fastening in the corrugation valley. See the individual Installation Guide for each product to see specific instructions.
Is it OK to screw in fasteners using a power screwdriver or screw gun?
Adjustable electric screwdriver is allowed, provided you set the torque to the minimal needed, in order to prevent over-tightening and local deformation of the panel. For that reason, pneumatic tools should be avoided.
Is it OK to walk over roofing sheets while in storage, during or after installation?
No. In case it can’t be avoided during installation. It's recommended to use a crawl board that is strong enough to support the weight of the person, and that spans at least three purlins or supporting members.
Suntop covered patio cover
Suntop garden shed/playhouse
 Agricultural Storage Shed in Israel.
 SUNTOP Corrugated Foam Polycarbonate used for awning.
Residential pergola covered with Suntop® Corrugated Polycarbonate.