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Lightweight rigid sheet for Crafts, Modeling, DIY, Cosplay & Maker Projects

PALIGHT ProjectPVC is the perfect substrate for craft, modeling, cosplay and maker projects. Available in bright white or bold colors, ProjectPVC helps bring all types of projects to life. It’s rigid, yet lightweight, easy to cut, and to fabricate. It's an excellent substrate for hobbies, crafts, modeling, maker projects, and decorative interior home improvement projects.

ProjectPVC sheet offers more rigidity and durability than typical craftboard or foamboard, plus it's waterproof. Similar to working with a soft wood like pine or balsa wood, ProjectPVC is fabricated using conventional tools, such as blades, saws, and drills. ProjectPVC can be glued with adhesives approved for use with PVC (or, more generally, plastics). A variety of sizes are available that are easy to ship via residential courier.

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Some of Our Favorite Project Examples
Here are just a few examples of how foam PVC can be used. Also see "Other Information" 
Photo of ProjectPVC Projects, such as arts & craft, cosplay, modeling, maker and dollhouse projects.Photo of ProjectPVC Projects, such as arts & craft, cosplay, modeling, maker and dollhouse projects.Photo of ProjectPVC Projects, such as arts & craft, cosplay, modeling, maker and dollhouse projects.Photo of ProjectPVC Projects, such as arts & craft, cosplay, modeling, maker and dollhouse projects.

Main Benefits
  • Available in a range of thicknesses and sizes conducive to DIY, modeling, and maker projects
  • Lightweight and versatile, similar to balsa wood or pine
  • Similar to working with wood–minimal learning curve
  • Easily worked with conventional tools
  • Formable using heat (use caution; see fabrication guide) 
  • Waterproof and resistant to most chemicals
  • Bright white and bold colors available (unlike typical "foamboard," colors are solid to the core)
  • Consistent, smooth matte surface
  • Can be painted, or cn be adorned with spray-mounted printed sheets of paper, or adhesive labels
Typical Applications
  • Models
  • Maker projects
  • Crafts
  • Interior decoration
  • Cosplay projects
  • Dollhouses
  • Robot chassis parts
  • Toys
  • Puzzles
  • School projects
Other InformationHere are some links to some awesome project sites:

RENNAgade Cosplay Renna began cosplaying in early 2013. She strives for perfection in all she does, but only if it means having fun along the way.
RENNAgade Cosplay Tutorial VideoWhen she's not desperately working on her own costumes, she loves making tutorial videos for others. Her "Tips for working with PVC" tutorial video is one of our favorites.

DAVID NEAT bills himself as "a maker and a teacher or making." After reviewing his blog, we wholeheartedly agree. This guy's got mad skills. We hope to work with David in the furture to develop additional how-to pages on his site. Check it out.

DUANE DEGN blurs the lines between a "maker" and a "pro." He's got a passion for robotics and foam PVC allows him to build projects that are on the top-shelf of the maker category. Check it out.
By: RENNAgade Cosplay
Character: Titania
Source: Fire Emblem-- Radiant Dawn
Date Created: Summer 2016
Debut Event: Nan Kan 2016
Competition/Casual: Competition
Awards won: Best Overall Master (NDK)

Watch RENNAgade Cosplay's inspiring "Tips for working with PVC Sheets" video from her Facebook page, or on YouTube at:

Photos courtesy of RENNAgade Cosplay and Shutter Crazy Photo
David Neat is an author and educator in the field of modeling, making, theater design and more. He stumbled across Palight foam PVC sheet products a while back and fell in love with how easily they could be fabricated, yet how they still held the right amount of rigitity for his projects. What he's done with our products amazes even us. See his web site.
Create beautiful models, such as doll houses, using Palight ProjectPVC.
Duane Degn found foam PVC to be the perfect substrate for building his small robots. We're happy to report that Duane will be building some new projects with Palight ProjectPVC. Stay tuned!